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The Story of Two Cousins

This story was written by my cousin Frank Oliver.  It tells the story of how his parents met (among other things.) BOUND TO MEET SOMEDAY My grampa, Glen Oliver, took his wife and family and scrambled off into the wilds

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Ruby Forsberg Interview

Ruby was my dad;s oldest sister.  In this interview with Elsie Adkins, she talks about her early recollections of growing up in North Dakota.  

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Maude Oliver Interview

Luella Maude Hanson was Elsie’s older sister. The interview recalls the early days of the Jim Hanson family in North Dakota, the hardships of the great depression and the death of their mother Emma. Part two continues with Maude’s recollections

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Carl Forsberg Interview

Carl Forsberg married my father’s oldest sister, Ruby.  He left North Dakota in the early 1940s when his National Guard unit was ordered to the Pacific.  Uncle Carl saw significant action at Guadalcanal.  After the war, he settled in the

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Henry Oliver Interview

Luella’s husband Henry Oliver recalls details of his family growing up in Oregon and on the West coast. Henry was known to all who knew him as PeeWee. Among the stories he tells is of his ancestor who was a

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Bob Robinson Interview

Bob Robinson Roland R. (Bob) Robinson was Elise’s first cousin. His mother, Mae and Elsie’s mother Emma Sommars were sisters. The interview recalls the early days of the Sommars family in Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota. Bob Robinson was a

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MPC Lecture

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Hanson Cousins Reunion 2007

The cousins last met in Turtle Lake, North Dakota in the Summer of 2007.  Here are some memories.

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